About the Weather Station

This weather station (sponsored and maintained by the Brigham Young University Department of Physics and Astronomy) provides current conditions in numerical form as well as past conditions in a graphical form to allow for examining the way the different values change with time.

The values are measured on a tower located on the roof of the Eyring Science Center on the Brigham Young University campus in Provo, Utah (about 40 miles south of Salt Lake City, Utah). Most of the instruments are at an altitude of 4720' (1439 m).

The graphs of "Current History" that are provided are also screen snapshots of the last time the history was updated (generally within the last 15 minutes).

The History graphs can be selected to be displayed in either British or SI units. These graphs will typically contain three days of data. The date at the top of the graph will be that of the most recent day shown and will be indicated on the abscissa of the graph with positive values of hours since midnight on the specified date. The other two days are shown with negative hours counting backwards from the specified date. The data are taken once a minute and are generally the average of the data from one minute (notable exceptions are that we store the peak wind velocity, the peak value of the heat index and the minimum of the wind chill).

The SI units that we use are "real" SI, not SI that has been fiddled to look sort of like the British units. This is most noticeable with the pressure (kilopascal is used instead of the hectopascal that is more common in the weather business), wind speed (meter/second instead of kilometer/hour), and rainfall (millimeter instead of centimeter). These units were chosen because this is sponsored by a physics department and those are the units we would normally use in physics problems.

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