15 February 2006 snowfall

Brigham Young University

Dept. of Physics & Astronomy

A cold front passed through northern Utah followed by a stationary front which sort of parked over the Great Salt Lake. The flow aloft was along the front so that cold air was passing over the Great Salt Lake and across the valley resulting in significant snowfall, some of it due to lake effect.

The surface weather map from Unisys for 5 pm on Wednesday, 15 February. It was snowing in western Salt Lake Valley at this time but was not snowing much in the rest of the area then.
The upper-air charts for the same time. Note the relationship of the flow aloft with the stationary front.

The conditions at BYU around this time:

Weather data graph

The rainfall won't correspond with the exact time of snowfall because of the delay in melting the snow so the water can be recorded.

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