18-31 October 2004 near-record rain

Brigham Young University

Dept. of Physics & Astronomy

A sequence of fronts with strong flow aloft from the southwest for a significant period produced near record rainfall for the month of October. The highest measured rainfall at the official BYU station south of campus (data has only been kept since 1980) was 5.05" in 1981. The highest recorded for Provo City (location unknown) was 5.39" in 1946. We finished October with 4.96" at the official BYU station (4.53" at the ESC station which generally records lower rainfall than the neighboring stations). The unofficial total at my home located 2 miles southeast of campus was actually 5.30". The interesting part was that this rain all fell in the last 14 days of the month - the remainder of the month was completely dry. A breakdown of what happened during the month is included here.