7 March 2002 fast cold front squall passage

Brigham Young University

Dept. of Physics & Astronomy

Weather data graph

Most of the day the sky had been overcast with stratus clouds. At about 2:15 PM a noticeable line of clouds extending below the existing cloud deck was seen moving eastward across the face of Mt. Timpanogos. At about 2:33 PM the temperature dropped several degrees, the humidity rose rapidly, the wind abruptly shifted from southerly to westnorthwest and a light rain began to fall. The pressure had been slowly dropping most of the day. As the front passed there was a spike in the pressure that lasted about 30 minutes followed by a short rise in the pressure before it began falling again due to the second cold front that was still approaching. There was a short snow squall at about 3:08 PM. Around 3:10 PM (near the end of the spike in the atmospheric pressure) the wind shifted to easterly with continued light rain. By 3:25 PM the winds were relatively calm and the skies were clearing in the west.

The following pictures illustrate the progression of the storm.
about 2:20 PM about 2:25 PM
about 2:30 PM about 2:45 PM
3:38 PM

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